Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
These are commonly asked questions about our practice. Please click on any of the question titles below to see the answer. If the question you need to have answered is not listed, call or email us so we can answer it directly!
  • Contacting ADD Center of Bellevue with questions or appointments Use the Patient Portal at the URL noted below or call us at 425 454-8684
  • Refills of medications How do I obtain refills on my medications?  * Allow 2 days for refills to be generated, don't cut it too close... * Stimulant RX have to be hand-signed OR can be sent electronically directly to most pharmacies (not Bartells). They cannot be sent by FAX or phone, THEY WILL NOT BE REFILLED BETWEEN FRIDAY NOON AND MONDAY MORNING. * Best to call us during regular hours to make arrangements; we will need to check your records first.
  • Refill or appointment? Will I need to make an appointment to get a refill on my medication?
  • New patient appointments I have not seen Dr. Pomeroy as a patient before, what do I need to do to make an appointment as a New Patient? * Call to set up an Initial Visit appointment. You will have to complete some questionnaires on AD/HD and anxiety/depression issues in addition to usual registration info. * We need this basic information before your appointment; you will be asked to re-schedule if it is not complete by the day BEFORE your appointment. * PLEASE BRING ANY RECORDS OF PAST EVALUATIONS - school or psychologist testing, doctor's records of medications prescribed especially ones you are currently taking. * PLEASE ARRIVE AT LEAST 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME so we can verify some information, have you read and sign  the basic consent forms and HIPAA forms, and attend to insurance or payment details. OTHERWISE TIME COMPLETING PAPERWORK WILL REDUCE YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME; THIS CANNOT BE EXTENDED AS OTHER PATIENTS HAVE APPOINTMENTS FOLLOWING YOURS.
  • Can Dr. Pomeroy or Kristina Garrido see me for conditions other than AD/HD? As of June 2016, New Patient appointments will be limited to conditions related to or associated with ADHD, except by specific referral AND DISCUSSION WITH REFERRING PROVIDER BEFORE APPOINTMENT IS MADE.
  • Insurances accepted Why doesn't ADD Center of Bellevue accept more insurances than just Premera and Regence PPO? Are you planning to do so in the future?
  • Billing other insurances Can you bill my health insurance if I do not have Premera or Regence? If not, can I do it?
  • Health Information Privacy Practices This is a statement about Privacy Practices used in connection with your Personal Health Information (PHI), with changes as mandated by the HIPAA Omnibus Bill of 2013. It outlines our responsibilities and your rights with respect to your health information.
  • medical rationale on refills Why does it seem to be a big deal to refill a prescription if I have been on the same dose for months and it seems to be working well?