The types of services we currently provide are listed below, including approximate charges and suggested appointment lengths. 

Initial Intake - 1 hour - for diagnostic assessments, consultations, or patients new to our practice with established diagnosis of ADD or ADHD.  MUST complete Registration AND Symptom Assessment BEFORE FIRST VISIT - top Menu bar on Home page.  $385 minimum charge; it may be more. 

Intake #2 may be necessary, half to one hour - review diagnostic evaluation, discuss treatment options, and start any agreed-upon treatment.

Recheck visits - usually half an hour, at times longer - to check effectiveness of treatment, monitor for any side effects, discuss options and next steps to optimize condition. These visits will be necessary at least every 3 months.

Charges for recheck visits depend upon the complexity of the visit issues, not simply time spent. You are paying for our knowledge, training and  experience, not by the minute or hour. 


  • NICHQ Forms

    If you have seen Dr. Pomeroy and he has asked for you and/or your child's teacher to complete a NICHQ evaluation, click on the Medication Management Folder and on that page click on NICHQ forms to find the correct form to print out and complete.  You may either email them back as an attachment or fax them to us at (206) 339-5465