Welcome to ADD Center of Bellevue, your source for comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and treatment for ADD, ADHD and co-occurring conditions.  We provide diagnosis evaluations, treatment, education and support for parents and families of those with ADHD, as well as coordination of care with other specialists in the field, and with your Primary Care Practitioner as needed. Our goal is to be the best "in-person" resource for all your questions and issues concerning all aspects of AD/HD. 


*******NEW PATIENT INFORMATION  *******             In order to provide you the best evaluation, we need to gather information about you and your current symptoms, past medical history, current medical conditions, etc. This is done through 2 links in the New Patient section to the left; in the Patient Portal, and the Symptom Assessment. THESE MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE WE CAN MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR YOU.  COMPLETE THE INFORMATION THEN CALL TO SCHEDULE YOUR EVALUATION APPOINTMENT. We need all the background information before your appointment is arranged.  If you are having difficulty accessing these two areas, please call us at 425- 454- 8684. 





What is ADHD?  (this term includes ADD)


  • a neurobiologic brain-based condition
  • a genetic condition which is often inherited (75% or more)

in which difficulties with

  • inattention
  • distractibility
  • hyperactivity (for some people)
  • emotional regulation

cause problems in multiple areas of one's life.

What is the good news?  There are many good strategies to help individuals and families affected by ADHD.


  • New Patient visits - for evaluation and diagnosis
  • Recheck visits - for ongoing monitoring and treatment
  • Diagnostic Rating scales
  • Cognitive and Memory Testing


Mission Statement: the mission of ADD Center of Bellevue is to provide compassionate, informed and up-to-date high-quality medical care to individuals and families affected by ADD/ADHD and co-occurring disorders, while following  the two Greatest Commandments.